Why Amino Acid Is So Important In Your Shampoo


Shampoo is one of the most popular hair care products across the world, and there are quite literally thousands of different formulas and options that all claim to be the best, most effective, and longest-lasting of them all. With so many claims, it can be hard to siphon through them to find the actually beneficial ones that may have less advertising funding than those from big companies. A prime example of this is amino acid enriched shampoo, which has many benefits for your hair that many hair experts consider essential. Here are just three of the most important benefits.

Protects From Dryness

Amino acid enriched shampoo can offer more natural protection against the weather and temperature than synthetic chemicals which can be quite harsh. After all, your hair contains a lot of amino acids itself, so adding them into your shampoo does not hurt your hair in the way other products can. When applied regularly to your hair, amino acid enriched shampoo will keep it looking glossy and healthy longer, rather than that dry look you can sometimes get in-between hair washes. If you have a problem with dry hair, this is the perfect and easiest solution.

Soften Your Hair

If you have quite bristly hair, particularly if you are a man, then amino acids can help reduce this toughness and make it far more pleasing to touch and style. You are supplementing the amino acids in your hair, which are basically tiny elements of proteins. These proteins play a vital role in how your hair looks and reacts to anything from light to heat. A few extra amino acids added through your shampoo can help change the complexion and texture of your hair if you use it regularly and in the recommended doses. 


Reading the back of most shampoo containers is like trying to get a degree in chemistry with all of the different synthetic chemicals. While some of these are fine when used in moderation, cheap shampoos make up for the lack of quality ingredients by using a whole host of cheap oils that only replicate what good quality variants will. Amino acid enriched shampoos are very easy on your hair and your skin, and many doctor or hair experts will recommend this sort of shampoo if you have a problem with dry or flaky scalps, especially if you are allergic to harsh chemicals, as many people are becoming. 

If you are interested in amino acid enriched shampoo, contact a supplier near you.


5 November 2020

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